RE The Newly ‘Elected/Appointed’ Executive Midwest Bar Forum: A Call for Serious Caution

The attention of some concerned members of the Midwest Bar Forum have been drawn to an online news, wherein the Midwest Bar Forum purportedly conducted elections and elected officials. We state unequivocally that the Midwest Bar Forum Leadership led by the Erudite Legal Generalisimo, in the Person of Prof Nath Inegbedion, did not conduct any elections and did not also elect executive members.

But we are aware of a miniature group under the aegis of Midwest Bar Forum, led by Mr. Chike Onyeamena: For the records Chike Onyeamena,s tenure as the Chairman of Midwest Bar Forum, expired long ago and all the acts carried out by him during his expired term is deemed null and void, that can be likened to an unsigned originating process, that must be declared incompetent by Court. In a vainglorious and overweening attempt to further factionalise and balkanise the Midwest Bar Forum, the same Chike gathered some group of lawyers and purportedly appointed/elected them as Executive Members of the Midwest Bar Forum.

We see this action as a lumpish and lickspittle attempt to easternise the Midwest, we call on all well meaning Midwestern lawyers not to allow this thoughtless and ticklish taboo to stand. In the said elections Mr. G.C. Igbokwe SAN, was “elected/appointed’ as Chairman whilst Douglas Ogbankwa was made publicity Secretary. For the records Chief Igbokwe, is from Anambra State yet he chairs the ‘newly elected officials’ of the Midwest Bar Forum, while Douglas Ogbankwa is from Imo State, these gentlemen are not in anyway Midwesterners and any acceptance of them is like speaking with a forked tongue.

We see this action as slothful and lubberly. We therefore urge members of the Midwest Bar Forum to avoid any dealings with these new ‘appointees’ as they are not recognised by the real leaders and members of the Midwest Bar.

Their actions amount to exuberance taken too far. And to all those aiding and abetting division in the Midwest Bar we advise them to desist because climbing Mount Everest is a difficult task, for sooner or later they will forever have ants in their pants and may only be wise after event.


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