June 9, 2023

[REGISTER] 1st Conference of All Multi-Door Courthouses/ADR Centres: Enhancing ADR Practices and Synergy | March 22-23, 2023

To join the conversations and contribute to increased access to Justice, we invite you to attend the 1st Conference of All Multi-Door Courthouses/ADR Centres.

The Lagos State Multi-door Courthouse (LMDC) is the first and foremost ADR Center in Africa and has over the years steadily upheld an excellent brand in the provision of cost-effective & user-friendly access to justice.

You will also get an opportunity to receive world-class Case Management Training with a curriculum developed from over 20 years of case management experience.

The programme will be of immense benefit to Government Officials, Multi-Door Courthouses, ADR Centres, Dispute Resolution Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, MSMEs, Landlord and Tenant Associations, Insurance Firms, Aviation Industry, Oil and Gas Sector, HR Practitioners, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Accountants, Entrepreneurs and every other groups or professionals that require enhanced, timely, cost-effective and user-friendly access to justice.

Register here: www.lagosmultidoor.org

Date: 22nd Wednesday – Thursday 23rd March 2023


  • Enhanced Access to Justice
  • Uniformity of Processes & ADR Standardization
  • Transforming Dispute Resolution Processes
  • Court Dockets Decongestion Contract Enforcement through Arbitral/
  • ADR Clauses
  • Increased Investor Confidence
  • Strengthening Business Relationships

2pm – 5pm WAT [Daily]



  • Overview of ADR
  • Case Initiation Process and Screening
  • Organizational Skills & Records Management
  • Communication Skills & Personal Effectiveness
  • ADR Code of Ethics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Drafting & Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

For more details contact:

Imdctrainings@lagosmultidoor.org www.lagosmultidoor.org

Tel: 08140397878, 08085984673

Register here: www.lagosmultidoor.org

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