March 3, 2024

[Register] Intellectual Property Institute Nigeria Holds Intellectual Property Valuation Certification for IP/Entertainment Lawyers

IP Valuation is a must-have skill for every IP/Entertainment Lawyer- as litigation Attorney, in-house Counsel, Consultant, IP Enthusiast or Young Lawyer.

As Nigeria’s Creative industry becomes more competitive, there is a rising global demand for local IP owners and Content Creators.

This Certification will give you an edge in industries that rely on intellectual property- Entertainment, ICT, Fintech, Pharmaceuticals, etc and other sectors that require a savvy understanding of how to assess and value intellectual property.

IP Valuation is the most important component of intangible property management and decision making.
Accurate Valuation leads to better decisions on whether to sue, buy/sell, merge, collaborate or acquire IP assets.

Learning outcomes include

  • Principles for IP Valuation in litigation
  • Local and International Standards of IP Valuation Methodologies and approaches
  • IP Portfolio Management
  • Contemporary practices in IP Licensing and Assignment.

Details are as follows:

Date: 30th July, 2021
Time: 11 am
Discounted Course Fee:
Virtual: N45,000
Young Lawyers: N35,000

Payment details
The Intellectual Property Institute (Nigeria)
GT Bank: 0123771659

For registration and enquiries, contact Femi 0908 657 6262 or

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