December 4, 2023

Rural Development, Information and Legal Advocacy Centre (RUDILAC) Calls Edo State Government’s Attention to Ologbo Community as It Marks the International Day for Rural Women

October 15 every year has been set aside by the United Nations as the International Day for Rural Women. It is a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the roles and contributions of women particularly those in the rural areas in ensuring sufficient and good food for all.

According to a World Bank report, women are the backbone of rural economy, especially in developing countries. They make up almost half of the world’s farmers. The number of female led farms has continued to increase as a result of similar increase in female-headed households occasioned by migration and other social and cultural factors.

It is in realization of the role of women in rural areas and development that RUDILAC with support from FOI Counsel undertook a Strategic needs assessment and mapping mission to Ologbo Dukedom (one of the small communities with higher number of oil wells in Nigeria) to ascertain amongst other things the impact of rural women in socio economic development of the community.

According to the Executive Director of RUDILAC, Mr. President Aigbokhan, while addressing the women during the town hall meeting at Ologbo said “women are primary caregivers to families and communities, they provide food and nutrition, and they are the human link between the farm and the table.

He stated further that “Ologbo being an oil rich community in Edo State with 37 oil wells and hosting several multinational corporation like PRESCO, NNPC, Osisiomo Power Station among others, yet no the no model school and health center and worst still there was no single woman farmer identified owing to the takeover of farmland by big business. This no doubt has huge impact on your earning and purchasing power. We will keep engaging the government until there is a participatory land acquisition model and economic empowerment of rural women”

RUDILAC is a not for profit organization established in 2018 to promote rural development, and assist low income individuals, NGOs and journalists to enforce their right to information. It has trained over 706 individuals on ethics and record management and litigated over 109 public interest cases both at national and international courts

President Aigbokhan, Esq.

Executive Director




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