Safiya Balarabe, Candidate for NBA Treasurer Bids Members of NBA-NEC Safe Travels Back Home

Safiya Balarabe, Esq.

Read below Safiya Balarabe’s message bidding all members of NBA-NEC safe journey after a resoundingly successful NEC meeting, yesterday, 9th June, 2022 at Ilorin Kwara State.

“It gives me great pleasure to wish all members of NBA-NEC safe travels back to their various destinations.

The NEC meeting was resoundingly successful. The NBA leadership has yet again demonstrated capacity and will to better the lot of its members. The increment of the branch share of the BPF is by far my favorite highlight of this quarter’s meeting. This is indeed a very welcome development.

May God bless the NBA”

Safiya Balarabe, Treasurer, NBA Women Forum and Candidate for the position of NBA Treasurer 2022-2024


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