Safiya Balarabe Congratulates NBA-YLF Maiduguri Branch on the Success of Its Seminar on Resettlement of IDPs in Borno State

Safiya Balarabe, Esq.

Treasurer of the Nigerian Bar Association Women’s Forum, Safiya Balarabe commends the NBA Young Lawyers Forum, Maiduguri Branch on the success of their latest seminar.

“I commend the Nigerian Bar Association Young Lawyers’ Forum, NBA-YLF, Maiduguri Branch for the successful conduct of the seminar held in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council at the White Arena, Maiduguri,” said Hajiya Balarabe.

“The seminar which was themed Displacement and Resettlement in Borno State: Legal Issues on Land Dispute and Resolution, provided a viable platform to discuss challenges facing internally displaced persons in Nigeria and the best solutions that will address them.

“This laudable programme has amplified the voices of those affected by crisis while advocating for changes in laws, policies and practices that improve access to communities in need, enable a principled response, and can enable sustainable solutions to displacement. 

“I commend the Forum for continuing to carry out their mandated tasks while providing critical and high level support to authorities and local populations, despite the additional challenges of the pandemic.

“As lawyers we must pledge to always be vigilant and uphold human rights and dignity for all.” 

Again, I congratulate the NBA-YLF Maiduguri Branch for its significant contributions, service and sacrifice in the pursuit of justice, equity and peace. Thank you and God bless.”

Safiya Iweyi Balarabe, Treasurer of the Nigerian Bar Association Women’s Forum.


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