December 2, 2023

Salutations to the Hon. Justice of Osun State High Court that Rejected the Appointment as Ag. Chief Judge of Osun State

(Left to right) Mr Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Hon. Justice Olayinka David Afolabi

Indeed Nigeria still has responsible and very objective personalities. The Osun State Judiciary is very lucky to have this type of personality — Justice O.D. Afolabi — who rejected his obnoxious appointment as the Acting Chief Judge of Osun State.

The Osun State Governor erroneously and in utter disregard of the provisions of 1999 CFRN maliciously removed or suspended the Hon.Chief Judge Adepele Ojo out of executive rascality that completely disregarded the office of the Chief Judge thinking that his powers as Governor transcends abusive removal of constitutionally installed Chief Judge whose removal must comply with the provisions of sections 271 and 292 in its entirety of the 1999 CFRN.

I doff my cap to this great respected Hon. Justice Afolabi for refusing to accept the Ag. appointment as Chief Judge of Osun State, a kangaroo appointment.

This should be the way any misinformed Governor should be treated if it is known that such Governor does not respect the provisions of the Constitution.

Infact it should not only be from Judiciary but in any aspect of governance. Once this position is taken, our Executive Governors will begin to understand the efficacy of those who are constitutionally appointed and not by his political wish which he can fire as he likes. Even in this case he has to be careful about those he appoints to constitutional positions.

I passionately appeal to the respected Hon.Justices of Osun Judiciary not to accept the Ag. Chief Judgeship. An injury to one is an injury to all. All of you are there on personal merit. Please uphold it Sirs. The Osun State Governor must rescind this unpatriotic action so that State judiciary’s independence is fully restored. If indeed Mr Governor wants to remove the Chief Judge he must follow the tenets of the 1999 CFRN and not to act like ‘agbero’ having full knowledge of section 1(1) of the 1999 CFRN.

May we be guided.
Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Esq.

Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Esq. was called to the Nigerian Bar in July 1983. Before then, he attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for Dip.In-Law between 1975/1977, LLB between 1979/1982, and the Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos between 1982/83. NYSC Kwara 1983/84. Mr. Lakpene worked as Court Registrar 1977-1979 and was appointed as Magistrate by Niger state Judiciary and served between 1984-1991. He later transferred service to the Legal Division NNPC and served at different capacities such as Legal Adviser/Company Sec. KRPC, Legal Adviser/Company SEC.NETCO, Lagos, Legal Adviser/Company Sec.IDSL, Benin. Since retirement, he has authored about eleven books on different legal topics. Four yet to be published. A Notary Public and daily article writer on the WhatsApp and Facebook. He’s also a part time law lecturer in Minna and has traveled overseas for various official assignments. He is married with children.

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