By Sandra Nwadi, Esq.

You see, generally, trauma may and can be as a result of painful personal life events,

incidents, experiences, abuses of any kind

including the mildest to the most concrete or horrible ones,

grief and losses of loved ones dead and buried,

manipulations and leading on in relationships,

unfair treatments in basic, platonic and close friendships of same or opposite genders,

broken relationships, engagements, intimate unions, marriages,


ill health,

mental and all kinds of abuses in societies,schools,work, etc.

Trauma is no respecter of persons, age, race, gender, class, tribe, country, religions or non-religions, etc.

Some of the symptoms of trauma include one ill health or complex ill health, irritability, flash backs, panic attacks, sleepless nigts, exhaustion, lack of interest in doing some or all things,withdrawing from people including loved ones, severe anxiety, 

mistrust,constant faint feelings, depression, digestive disorders, heart issues, 

headaches,sinking feelings, hopelessness,lack of concentration, 

intrusive thoughts, self destructive behaviour, crippling inability mentally or physically  to do things, aches,nausea,nightmares, chest pains, etc.

There are many types and categories of trauma like PTSD-Post Stress Traumatic Disorder, CPTSD-Complex

Post Stress Traumatic Disorder, acute, chronic, etc. Yes, indeed there are war, abuse, death and loss trauma, relationships and marriage trauma, ill health, etc. It’s a thing and exists and some dont know it already happens or happend to them.

Healing take time and takes questioning what happened and how it happened and not ignoring all visible and invisible signs of problems.

Healing works while alone AND yet, works in the healthiest of spaces, places and with non toxic people who want ro see you win and thrive and healed.

Not in toxic places or wih toxic people who will condemn you or shut you up or trigger or make you try to heal through crappy and unrealistic means.

Healing MAY never be complete and can be MANAGED through out life.

Sometimes, people get healed or have pains reduced or illhealth reduced but it is NOT always common.

It is always better and greater to seek help within yourself and most ESPECIALLY seek help outside yourself through talking to loved ones and family and friends if you have the loving and sensible ones and again,  especially look for and pay for professional services in hospitals wih psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, etc.

Highly recommended.

SOME heal through spiritual journeys and meditations and yoga and other activities that increase well being, wellness, self awareness, confidence, life quality,  high valueness in a person and so much more.

Highly recommended too.

DO more written and video RESEARCHES for yourselves and loved ones.

Take up all of these to help ourselves, our loved ones and just generally for knowledge.

~ Sandra Nwadi, Esq. BL. MBA. APNM, is a legal practitioner, writer, composer, rights activist, etc. Member of NBA, FIDA, etc. 08037403924


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