Vocatus Auxilium: A Paralegal and Virtual Assistant Outfit for Lawyers

We all know how stressful legal practice could be for lawyers. It is even particularly and more stressful for young lawyers or small firm owners who do not have a litigation secretary or secretaries to help with the known legal aspects of their business. 

Lawyers sometimes have to combine long distance trips just to check the status of a matter or to file (Procedures not necessarily meant for a lawyer to carry out) matters in Court. Processes like service of Notices etc. could place great strain on lawyers if they are done personally and may see the lawyer ultimately losing interest in some matters. 

Lawyers usually have their matters struck out just because they lost track of the date the matter was adjourned to and they have no one to send to the Court to check the status of such matter. Little processes that can be outsourced sometimes lead to the death of matters with great potential. 

It is line with the points above and more that Vocatus Auxilium was created to change the face of paralegal practice in Nigeria. 

Vocatus Auxilium would amongst other paralegal functions help lawyers and law firms to:

  1. File matters in Magistrates Courts, High Courts and other superior courts of record within and outside Lagos State. 
  2. Help to go to Court and check the status of matters with the Registrars of Court. 
  3. Help to submit letters or requests for adjournment. 
  4. Help to serve Quit Notices, Notices to Recover Possession, Demand Notices and all other forms of Notice which a lawyer may seek not to serve personally.  
  5. Help with issues of tax payments and filing of returns with the Corporate Affairs Commission and other regulatory authorities and agencies. 
  6. Be a virtual litigation office for firms without litigation offices and officers. 
  7. Carry out every other ancillary paralegal business for which the services of Vocatus Auxilium may be sought. 

Vocatus Auxilium has scores of dedicated young people ready to pick up a document or process in short notice and deliver or file as the case may be in record time. 


All profits realized from Vocatus Auxilium would be summed up and 2% of the net profit would go towards sponsoring gifted students in Nigerian law faculties or the Nigerian Law School as the case may be. 


Vocatus Auxilium may be reached either by call, text or whatsApp and e-mail at all times of the day on 09117829724 and auxiliumvocatus6@gmail.com 

PS: We look forward to diligently serving you as you grow your legal practice!


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