Voting Process: An Information by ECNBA


Dear colleagues, please note the following very important information from the ECNBA

1.) Your voting link will be sent at 12.00AM GMT+1 on Saturday July 16 to the email address & phone number registered on your profile on the NBA Portal. Please check your Inbox, Spam, Junk and Trash Folders for a message from for the email.
Kindly add to your contact list to prevent the email from being identified as spam. Please DO NOT share the link with anyone.

2.) Election will close at 11:59pm GMT+1 on Saturday July 16.
Additional reminders will be sent via email & text messages throughout the day.

3.) Failure to receive voting credentials

If you have not received the message by election day, either your phone number is not registered on your profile or we could not deliver the message to you due to DND that may be turned on. To find out how to turn off DND, visit and click on “DND”.

4.) How to confirm your vote has been received?

You will see a confirmation message containing a confirmation code on your screen when you submit your ballot:

Your confirmation code is a unique, 15-character hash. Please save your confirmation code in your records!

Note: Once you vote, you cannot change or delete your vote as your vote is tallied and included in the results once you submit your ballot. Thus it cannot be changed or deleted. You can only vote once.

Multiple ballot formats are not available. It is a single ballot per eligible voter. You cannot vote multiple times.


Or call


Please include your SCN and Name in your message.


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