We Joined FG in the Supreme Court Suit on CBN’s Currency Swap Policy to Curb Vote Buying – Edo Attorney-General

The Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice of Edo State, Oluwole Iyamu, SAN has explained that the state joined the Federal government as respondent in the Supreme Court matter on Naira Redesign because it supports the currency swap policy which according to him, will curb vote buying during elections.

“As the actual party who applied to be joined in the ongoing Supreme Court currency suit, I would wish to make some clarifications,” Mr. Iyamu said.

“Firstly, it is not true that the Plaintiffs in that case have suddenly become the people loving Patriots they seek to present themselves as.

He continued that “The object of the suit is to create a legal opening to flood the Nation with massive quantities of old notes which have been stockpiled in anticipation of the forthcoming election.

“The position of the Edo State Government is that what is required is availability of legitimate cash for our ordinary citizens. All pressure needs to be brought on the CBN and the FGN in this regard.

“The Supreme Court suit as presently constituted only serves the interests of the ruling party faction which believes that huge infusions of illicit cash can aid their electoral fortunes,” he asserted.

“We do not consider it our duty to assist these illicit interests by supporting their suit.

The reality is that as at today, most legitimate ₦200, ₦500 and ₦1,000 notes have been deposited.”

“The real problem is the availability of replacements from the banking system.

“Our intervention to seek adjustments in the implementation process is already yielding fruits despite the strident cries and inflammatory rhetoric of those born-again people advocates who disguise their malevolence as concern for the masses.

“That is our position which we believe is in line with the best wishes of our people.

In a few days, our position shall be vindicated.” Iyamu declared.

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