‘With Olumide Akpata as the NBA President, We Will Have a Tremendous Turnaround in NBA’– E.O. Nwafor, Esq

Olumide Akpata

Olumide Akpata is endowed to deliver a 21st Century NBA with contemporary innovations that are capable of carrying all the young lawyers along and also capable of earning every lawyer the respect and dignity they deserve. With Olumide Akpata as the NBA President, we will have a tremendous turnaround in NBA and the anticipated future of every young lawyer who are serious and know what they want as a lawyer will be actualized. The respect and dignity of NBA will be restored.

I am privileged to have met with the game changer, Olumide Akpata and in the course of our conversation, it was easy to tell that Olumide Akpata understands the needs of the Bar and is keen on transforming our Association. Our meeting transformed me and I started believing in myself more than I did before then.

Olumide Akpaka has what it takes to help lawyers earn more and to ensure that principals pay junior lawyers better. As Olumide Akpata once said, if you can not handsomely pay the young lawyer under your watch maybe because his services to you are not enough then don’t employ him (because some people hide under this guise and overlook their responsibility).

 With Olumide Akpata as the NBA President he will be in charge without fear or favour. He will set a regulation that will favour any young lawyer practicing in any chamber/Firm and as well challenge every young lawyer to sit up to the responsibilities required of them to be able to earn the respect and consideration from their principals. 

With Olumide Akpata every lawyer will be accorded the respect that they deserve. With Olumide Akpata, the reference to some lawyers as charge and bail lawyer will change because of his well set out 4 way approach to solving the issues of the Bar and its members.

My people, we have a great fortune in Olumide Akpata! A man with the burning desire to implement positive changes in all aspects of our legal practice. Olumide Akpata has a burning desire to effect great change in Nigerian legal system for it to compete with the standards of our contemporaries. 

Why are we still contemplating about our support for his candidacy for NBA President? Olumide Akpaka is Godsent to NBA. When God sends people like him for an assignment, he equips them with all the necessary doggedness. We should all support him and witness the positive changes within the next two years.

Akpata is coming to work as he has taken permission from his firm to work for the NBA. He is not coming to get his share of the proverbial “National Cake” but he is coming to serve the NBA.

God bless you richly, as you vote Olumide Akpata for the betterment of NBA.  

E. O. Nwafor, Esq.

(Young lawyer from Enugu Branch)


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