Worgu Boms, Former AG, Rivers State, Recommends J-K Gadzama SAN for NBA Presidency 2022, Says the Bar and Its Members will be the Biggest Beneficiaries

Worgu Boms

Of the very many Statements of Endorsements of ‘JK SAN’, for the Nigerian Bar Presidency, the one that resonated the most with me and, like a mistletoe, stuck to my consciousness as the truest characterization of this eminent lawyer, was that, by the Law School Teacher, Sylvester Udemezue Esq. in which he identified Consistency as a prime trait of J K Gadzama’s.

In Prague, Czech Republic, in 2005, or so, during the IBA Conference of that year, JK delivered a well- reasoned and equally well- received learned paper on Privatisation in Africa. I was in his audience.

After the session, in a private chat, he told me he desired to lead our Bar Association sometime in the future.

Years later, we met again, this time, at Buenos Aires, capital of the vast, South American country of Argentina, again for that year’s IBA Conference. There, he sought me out in my apartment, late night, and asked that I support him to lead the Bar that year, recalling what he told me in Prague, years back.

This is consistency .

J-K wears his deep erudition (in Law), lightly, consistent with his disarming humility and genuine friendship- a trait of the truly accomplished.

He has exerted himself in major capacities in service of our one-and- only Learned Profession of Law, and its twin affiliate, our forever Bar Association.

It’s only natural, indeed, in our very best professional interest, to support and see to the enthronement, as President, of such a consistent, focused Learned Personage with vast Bar experience, to lead our Bar at this crucial time in its history and unfurling, especially because he’s uniquely capable of doing so.

I passionately and sincerely enjoin all honest-hearted colleagues, to look beyond the soundbites and go for the prose that is JK Gadzama SAN, for NBA president.

There is no harm and there will be none, in doing so. The Bar and its members will be the biggest beneficiaries.
My name is WorguBoms.


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