Yobe State, Al-Muhajir and His View: The Burden is on Government to Ensure Peace by Taking Necessary Action

Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul

By Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul

Following an unbearable, intolerable and impossible behaviour of Dr. Al-Muhajir in promoting and supporting the disdainful remarks made by Abduljabar Nasiru Kabara against our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and his companions, I’m calling on Yobe State Government to conduct an investigation with regard to the believe of Al-Muhajir and prevent him from representing the good people of Yobe State pending the determination of his investigation.

Al-Muhajir’s comment on the Hadiths of companions was clearly an expression of lack of respect, not welcome and unacceptable, allowing him to continue with such attitude may attract bad name to the Yobe State and there is likelihood that it may lead to the disturbance of public peace; owing to the fact that his comment on facebook has became a topic of discussion in the society and the government should take necessary action to ensure peace in the society.

A true believer will neither agree nor support the statement of Abduljabar, because Allah says in Al-Ahzab V. 56:
“Allah send His Salat (Graces, Honours, Blessings, Mercy) on prophet Muhammad (SAW) and also His angels ask Allah to bless and forgive him. O you believe! Send your Salat on (ask Allah to bless) him Mohammad and you should greet (salute) him with the way of greeting .”
Since Allah (SWT) and angels shows this extraordinary respect to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), every believer should do the same very regularly.

Therefore, we can’t tolerate any act of disrespect against him, since we have strongly condemned the statement of Abduljabar, then we must also speak out against whoever is with him, this is because, if you see someone doing a bad a thing and encourage him, you are considered as the one doing the bad thing.

My words of advise to Dr. Al-Muhajir, do not venture the responsibility you cannot bear and avoid trouble as soon as you sense it.

I pray to Allah to forgive our minor and major sins, and enable us to follow the guidance of the Qur’an and the Hadith. Ameen.

M.I. Abdul


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