Yola Lawyer Writes YEDC Over Poor Power Supply and Oppressive Conducts, set to Commence Class Action at Expiration of Notice

Abdulrahman Njidda
Abdulrahman Njidda wants to take legal action against the Yola Electricity Distribution Company over perceived gross ineptitude

Yola based legal practitioner, Abdulrahman Njidda, has addressed a letter to the Yola Electricity Distribution Company, YEDC, over abysmal power supply and conducts being exhibited by the company’s officials calculated at causing undue suffering to electricity consumers in Ganye community.

In his letter, which also serves as a pre-action notice, Njidda expressed the common feeling of dejection, hopelessness of the people arising from the manner YEDC conducts its services in the North-Eastern town.

The letter is reproduced below:

October 13, 2019



 The District Manager, Yola Electricity Distribution Authority (Y.E.D.C), Yola, Adamawa State.



The above subject matter refers.

 We act as Solicitors and Legal Consultants to the people of Ganye community, electricity consumers under your Company hereinafter referred to as our Clients and on whose authority and directive we give you this one month pre-action notice. Our Clients briefed us and we verily believed same to be true and correct that they have been wallowing under, and suffering from the actions of your Company relating to estimated billing which do not truly represent what they consume on monthly basis, illegal disconnection and extortion by the officials of your Company, illegal reconnection fees, epileptic power supply and the inability your company to give seven (7) days notice before disconnection which made many of the consumers of your services to suffer hardships.

 This letter is to serve as a pre-action notice commencing from the day of acknowledgment of this letter after which we intend to proceed to Court on behalf of our clients to claim damages and seek redress. 

Please accept the highest regard of the Principal Partner.

Thank you. 

Abdulrahman Njidda, Esq. LLB (Hons) BL, MICMC. (Principal Partner) 


  1. The National Electricity Regulatory Commission
  2. The Divisional Police Officer, Ganye.
  3. The S.S.S. Boss, Ganye.
  4. The Y.E.D.C. Numan Zonal Office.
  5. The Y.E.D.C. Ganye Service Station.
  6. The Chairman, Transition Committee, Ganye.
  7. His Royal Highness, Gangwari Ganye.
  8. The Divisional Officer, NSCDC, Ganye. 

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